About The Bearded Man

Not all things in life need to be complicated; the best things seldom are.

True satisfaction is found when we are present in life’s moments. Everyday we are held captive by thousands of messages promising to deliver that which only people and time can provide. Here at The Bearded Man we are on a journey of stripping things out to create space for the moment’s life gifts us.

We make great beard grooming products that are simple and effective, organic and use local sourcing for raw materials, but we also have a purpose above great beard care. The products we make are simply a tool we use to remind us to make time for ourselves, pause and remember to enjoy life!

We grew up with conversations around the dinner table, tree climbing and playing bull-rush, interactions with people we were doing life with. These have to often gone by the way, instead every minute is spent connected, dialled in and appropriately presented to the digital world.

Sometimes we just want to be present in the things that Instagram may not value- we want to see the world without hashtags and filters – it is beautiful just as it is and should be enjoyed with the people next to you. It is not that we don’t love ‘stuff’ we just want to be purposeful about what we give our time, money and affection to.

With this purpose as our founding belief, an old stove pot full of stories and some of the best natural ingredients sourced locally, The Bearded Man produces simple and effective beard care products.

The Bearded Man brand solely focuses on facial hair which allows us to really dial in with the products we make and ensure they deliver simple & effective beard grooming solutions, in contrast of diversifying into all male-grooming products. We believe doing fewer things well is better than doing many average.

Living in New Zealand we have some of the best quality natural ingredients available locally to produce premium organic oils and balms. We create our oils and balms here in New Zealand and make full use of the natural raw materials on our back door.

We want to inspire others to create space and enjoy the satisfaction found when we are present in life’s moments, our hope is that using our products in your daily routine will be a reminder to prioritize this space and make time for yourself and others around you.

You can view our beard grooming products here or click of the icons at the bottom left of this page to connect with us on social.

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