Beard Bib

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Our beard bib is ready to use straight out of the box, no assembly required!


Made with soft quality suction cups so it won’t fall off the mirror while you’re in the middle of grooming.


We designed the neck strap of our beard bib with dome buttons to fit all neck sizes and provide great comfort while grooming, avoiding the scratchy irritation that velcro can have.


Professionally designed and manufactured for beard grooming.


The Bearded Man Beard Bib allows you to groom your beard without leaving a mess on the bathroom floor or basin top.


Easy to use, lightweight and durable.


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Beard Grooming Beard Bib


Our beard bib solves an issue every bearded man (and their partner) puts up with!

A man’s beard is at its best when groomed. Even if you clean up after yourself there are always¬†strays that manage to evade the sweeping clean up.

Conveniently solve this beard grooming problem by using The Bearded Man beard bib and catch the trimmings while your groom and place them in the bin.

The beard bib has a small pocket designed into it to place tools like your beard comb or beard scissors for easy access during grooming.

How to use the beard bib

When its beard grooming time, simply wrap the straps around your neck and click the buttons together at a point that feels comfortable.

Push the suction cups onto the mirror, place your grooming tools in the bib pocket and you’re ready to groom.

When your finished grooming your beard, remove the bib from your neck. Reach out and remove the suction cups from the mirror (the bib will fold as you do this) and tip hair into the bin.

Call it a Beard Bib………. call it some sort of relationship cupid. This bib will allow you to enjoy the freshly groomed beard without leaving a mess in the bathroom.

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